Milk Shortage

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The Ministry of Agriculture is proposing a 30-day window for the importation of milk in order to address the crisis that has seen a lot of commodities prices spike.

The Ministry stated the shortage to poor rains caused by continuous drought in most parts of the country. In addition, the ongoing drought has affected farmers as a recent National Food and Nutrition Security Report indicated that milk production in the country is low. 

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Farmers are warning of dark days ahead with prices of farm inputs rising by the day, thus reducing their profit margin.

Association of Kenya Feed Manufacturers chairman John Gathogo said the livestock sector was also on its knees due to the current challenges.

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The milk crisis further mounts pressure on Kenyans who are already grappling with high cost of living with the prices of almost all essential commodities having gone up. According to a recent KNBS report, prices of cooking oil, wheat flour white, and tomatoes increased by 6.50, 4.47, and 4.22 per cent in March 2022, respectively.

The prices of most items increased significantly, in March compared to other previous months this year. This was mainly attributed to the increase in prices of most of the food items which outweighed the decrease in prices of others

Part Of KNBS Report

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