Ambieni huyo Chokoraa-Eric Omondi to Notiflow


Eric Omondi is one who will never leave anyone who throws shades at him and when Noti flow started attacking Eric Omondi he was not left out, but the post was not only for Omondi but also ex Socialite Vera Sidika and Otile brown.

Vera Sidika on her Instagram stories posted that she bought a bed for princess Asia worth @ 300K at the UK,


Can’t wait to unveil Asia’s nursery. At six months…so magical…girl be sleeping on a bed worth Sh300,000 How I wish I had this life as a newborn

She added

Kweli it’s true we work hard to give our kids what we never had. God bless all mothers for doing the best for their babies


while Otile Brown on the other hand showcased his Balenciaga crocs 2.0 ,a pair of the trendy crocs boots retails at $695 (Sh79,473), according to the Balenciaga website. The Balenciaga Crocs 2.0 are a collaboration between Balenciaga and Crocs, and were popularized by American rapper Kanye West, who was pictured wearing them in the streets of Los Angeles last month.


but I thought everyone should spend their money however they want right?

Below is Noti Flow Post

Eric Omondi’s Reply…


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