Baby Is Here-The Wajesus Family


The wajesus family welcomed their second bundle of joy few days ago and they documented all this through their YouTube channel, they also shared this information on their different Instagram accounts.


Kabi Wa Jesus on the other hand took to his Instagram account to express his joy

Glory to Jesus Our princess is here. May she grow to serve God loved by both men and God.Ni Jesus

Kabi Wa Jesus

In their YouTube channel you could see the way the both couples were happy as the way they brought out this big announcement

Guys,our princess has been here with us for the past few days, we thank God that she is healthy, she is the most beautiful princess ever yaani

Milly Wa Jesus

Kabi Jesus on the hand

I know people are already asking mtoi anafanana na nani is it milly is it Kabi what do you think

We at Moshenee congratulate the Wajesus Family and awaits baby name.


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