Cardi B and Offset Reveal Son’s Name.!!!

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On April 14,Offset shared a picture of his son on his Instagram account that captioned “Wave Set Cephus“.

His wife on the other hand tweeted a video showing a bejeweled necklace that read, “Wave.”

In a new interview , which also features gorgeous family photos, the couple explained why they kept their son’s name under wraps for so long.

We went through a lot of sad things when it comes to Kulture—terrible behavior that not even the older kids have ever been through ,so many people will post mean, disgusting things, just to get a reaction from us.

Cardi B said

she added

We want to protect our feelings because we get very, very angry and upset.

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In the interview Cardi B also revealed that she didn’t meet her husband’s other children until she and Offset were already married, but it’s extremely important to both of them that nobody feels left out.

I always wanted them to love me, and they really do, Cardi B They tell me that. I feel it, and I hope that we always have a great relationship.

Cardi B

It’s a blessing to be able to have them all together and to have a wife who’s open and treats them as if they’re her kids. It could be an issue, but I don’t have to go through that, and that’s beautiful.


The couple, who secretly married in 2017, had not previously shared photos showing their son’s face.

They are also the parents of three-year-old daughter Kulture Kiari Cephus.

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