Minors Caught Smuggling Bhang In Prison.


The girls aged 17 and 15 had gone to the facility posing as relatives of a prisoner.

Minors in a cell

Two minors aged 17 and 15 were at the weekend arrested as they tried to sneak in several rolls of bhang into the Industrial Area Remand and Allocation prison in Nairobi Kenya.

The girls had gone to the facility posing as relatives of a prisoner and they wanted to deliver food and clothes.

It was when the officials at the facility became suspicious and decided to search the luggage only to find bhang.


Police handling the case said they want to establish if the girls were sent by someone known to them to deliver the cargo.


Authorities have started using an amended law that seeks to enhance penalties given to drug traffickers and narcotic smugglers in a bid to get rid the country of increased cases of illicit drugs.

This was after the Narcotics, Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (Control) Act was gazetted in readiness for application.

Research findings have shown that Cannabis Sativa (bhang) is the drug of choice for most drug abusers in Kenya.


The law provides the framework for combating abuse of narcotics, drugs, and psychotropic substances in Kenya.

Drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, crystal meth, stimulants, painkillers and prescription drugs have reduced some youth into zombies.

Substance abuse remains a huge menace and is a major challenge with negative impacts on social, economic, governance and criminal justice sector.


Severe penalties will be handed to persons who manufacture, possess, or transport precursor chemicals for unlawful production of a narcotic drug.

Nacada said 1.5 tonnes of heroine was seized in Kenya in 2018 making it one of the countries with seizure of the largest quantity of heroin.

The minors were interrogated and later handed over to police at the Industrial Area police station for processing.

The minors caught smuggling drugs will appear in court on Tuesday.

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