Mozzart Bet. New Winning Promotion, WOW NI HAO.


Weeks after wrapping up its biggest promotion ever (Omoka na Moti + Hao), leading betting firm Mozzart Bet has yet again come up with another hugely rewarding promotion to its loyal customers.

Dubbed Wow Ni Hao, the promotion will each day during April 2022 award one Mozzart Bet customer with a motorcycle for having strung together the longest winning multi-bet of the day. This will, however, only be a precursor to the grand prize that awaits the overall winner of the promotion.

The Wow Ni Hao promo will award one lucky winner with a four-bedroom house. This will be the person will have to put together the longest winning multi-bet in April 2022.

Unlike the previous promotion, the overall winner won an apartment in Kileleshwa, Nairobi.


The Wow Ni Hao overall winner will have his own gated home in the fast-growing Nairobi Metropolitan’s suburban estate of Kamakis.

Mozzart Bet Marketing Manager Frank Ochieng’ urged people to bet responsibly even as they envy the goodies given out in addition to the ordinary winnings.

Frank Ochieng, Mozzart Bet Marketing Manager.

“The competition is fully sanctioned by BCLB (Betting Control and Licensing Board), and as you know, it is our norm to operate within the guidelines laid out by the regulator. We put much emphasis in reminding our customers to always bet responsibly. The competition is only for persons aged 18 and above,”

Frank Ochieng – Mozzart Bet Marketing Manager

Mozzart Bet customers who stake a minimum of Ksh10 are eligible for this promotion, Unlike the past two promotions in which the company set a minimum stake of Ksh50 to play.

The Country Manager of Mozzart Bet, Sasa Krneta, praised the company’s consistency in rolling out richly rewarding promotions to its customers. The company has in the past six months run Urban Cruiser PromotionOmoka na Moti + Hao, and now Wow Ni Hao.

“We are happy to give our customers yet another promotion, which will greatly change lives. Motorcycles are a treasured source of livelihood in Kenya and elsewhere in the world; so if we can give out 30 to different individuals, then we are quite sure that we will have put 30 more people to work,”

Sasa Krneta – Mozzart Manager Kenya.
Sasa Krnet, Mozzart Manager Kenya.

The promotion started on Friday, April 1 2022, and will wind up at the end of the month with the official handover of the four-bedroom house in Kamakis.


A 63-year-old professor from Kiserian seized an early lead on the third day of the competition after raking in a 26-game winning multi-bet. From a Ksh10 stake, Professor Dishon Kiiru’s multi-bet yielded Ksh212,125. He took home the day’s motorcycle and now awaits the culmination of the promotion to find out if his ‘train’ will still have the most number of games to make him the overall winner.

In the 26 multi-bet ticket, only 20 games met the competition threshold of the minimum 1.35 odds.

The competition got off to an earnest start as a Naivasha flower farm worker named Justin Nyabayo Adambowon the first motorcycle when his 13-game multi-bet became the highest winner of the day.

Nairobi-based internet service technician Daniel Sikuku, then won the second day’s motorcycle from a 20-game multi-bet, from which only 16 entries qualified for the promotion, as four entries fell below the minimum 1.35 odds threshold.


“The motorcycle gives me an option with regards to income generation, but the most important thing is that I want to continue playing for a chance to get the house. It would be a real relief to me if I won it,”

Daniel Sikuku – Nairobi Based Internet Service Technician.

Terms and Conditions of the Promotion

Mozzart Bet will reward one of its customers with a brand new house during the month of April 2022. From April 1 to 30, motorbikes will also be won every day by daily winners.

  1. Promotion duration: From 01-04-2022 (00:01h) to 30-04-2022 (23:59h).
  2. Only bet slips placed and paid during the period of the promotion will qualify for the promotion.
  3. Only winning multi-bets from the category “Betting” are included in the promotion, with a minimum of four (4) matches, a minimum odd of 1.35 or higher.
  4. The minimum stake on your multi-bet must be Ksh10.
  5. GRAND PRIZE: The winner of the Promotion and the winner of the grand prize is one participant who will have won the longest winning multi-bet for the month of April.
  6. DAILY PRIZE: The winner of the daily prize is one participant who will have the longest winning multi-bet for that day of April, during the promotion “Hit the Longest Winning Multi-bet”. This means the multi-bet must be won in order to qualify for the promotion.
  7. For daily prizes, all participating bet-slips must be from that promotional day. The beginning of the last sports event that is on the bet-slip must be no later than 11:59p.m. on the day when the bet-slip was played. Bet-slips that have matches from several promotional days are not included in the promotion.
  8. In the event that the kick-off of a sporting event is postponed, or for any other reason delayed, the bet-slip still participates in the promotion, but for that postponed/delayed match, the calculated odd will be 1.00 so that match will not be taken into consideration for promotion. (If you have a postponed match on the bet-slip on any competition day of the promotion, odd 1 will be calculated for that match for the promotion if the match has not been played by 23:59 that day, but for the pay-out, the main Terms and Conditions for bookmaking operations will apply.)

Tie breaker:

  1. In case two or more participants have same number of matches on their winning multi-bets, the participant who has a higher total winning odd, counting matches with odds of 1.35 or higher, will have precedence.
  2. If total winning odd, counting matches with odds of 1.35 or higher, is the same, then the total odd from all matches on the bet-slip (including the matches with odds below 1.35) will determine who has the precedence. In that case, the participant with the higher total winning odd (including all matches on the bet-slip) will have the precedence.
  3. If two previous cases have not resulted in a tie break, the participant who paid the multi-bet first shall have the precedence.
  1. All events on the bet-slip must be sports events (results of individual or group sports events, a certain event during a sports competition, etc.).
  2. Live Bet tickets, JP tickets, ‘My number’, ‘Lucky Super 6’, Mozzart refund tickets and Virtual tickets shall not be taken into account within the scope of this promotional contest. The bet-slip may contain matches with Bonus odds.
  3. One customer can win only one daily prize during the promotion and will be in consideration for the grand prize also.

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