Not All Kenyans To Register Sim Cards-Ezra Chiloba

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Different reports gave contradicting information in regard to who is supposed to register his or her SIM card, with certain quarters claiming it’s the entire telecommunications market, while other quarters stating that only the unlisted customers should seek registration.

Mobile operators have agreed to avail self-verification platforms for Kenyans to register their SIM Cards. This follows days of public outcry by Kenyans after the Communications Authority’s order to have operators register all SIM Cards in compliance with the authority’s regulations.


The Communications Authority did not order the telecommunications companies to register all SIM card holders afresh

Chiloba To The Standard

He added

The people targeted are holders of SIM cards that haven’t been registered, or are registered using other people’s identification details, for instance minors who use their parents’ or guardians’ ID details for registration

Chiloba said that all operators will have to provide a self-verification USSD code and online platform with standardized menus and messages. “The USSD code *106# shall be used by all operators for verification. This means that subscribers do not have to physically present themselves at the operators’ customer service centers unless it is necessary,” he said


He also said that the regulations do not require subscribers to submit photos of themselves during registration or verification exercises, as operators had earlier been doing.

He asked that they focus on minimum requirements including identification documents such as National Identification Cards, service cards for disciplined forces, passports, and birth certificates, whichever is applicable.

Image Courtesy The Star

It’s now clear that if you had registered your SIM Cards , you don’t have to queue again for another re-registration.


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