Sim Card Registration Extended

Courtesy google

Citizens now have up to October 15 this year to have their details updated, this was after The Communications Authority of Kenya extended the SIM card registration ,CA Director General Ezra Chiloba says the move will allow Kenyans more time to comply.


Ezra Chiloba also said that the Authority will consult mobile network operators on the possibility of extending the SIM card registration exercise to give customers an opportunity to validate respective details of registration, Non-compliant SIM users risk spending six months in jail, or a Sh300,000 fine, or both.

The Communications Authority of Kenya says the mass registration of mobile users is part of the Government’s efforts to weed out rogue people that engage in mobile money fraud and other crimes.


It is the responsibility of the operators who will advise on whether to switch off the unregistered lines or probably give an extension and allow as many Kenyans as possible to register

Says Chiloba

He also said that the registration exercise is anchored in the constitution mandating mobile Network Operators to carry out the exercise.


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