Size 8 opens up on her Health Condition.

Size 8 reborn and his husband Samwel Muraya(as DJ Mo) have come forth through their YouTube channel thanking their fans for praying for her on her illness battling with blood pressure. She has been battling the illness since way back in January 2015.

The first time I was diagnosed with high blood pressure was 2015 January, actually I can remember very well it was 31st January 2015 and it was not an easy day for me nilicollapse actually tulikua na Moh sindio Beb,tukitoka event nikacollapse Tao nikakimbishwa kulikua na an inpatient hospital in town but saa hii walifunga and then nikaambiwa pressure yangu ilikua too high.

Size 8 Reborn

She added

I wasn’t okay then from there I started taking medications for high blood pressure and I’ve been in and out with this sickness I’ve been in and out of hospital so many times…. but this battle has been difficult and it’s worse when am pregnant because when you are a woman with high blood pressure you know pregnancy is life threatening so it’s been tough

size 8 Reborn

Size 8 fell into depression after she lost her 3rd born baby who she had grown to love, but thanks to Dj Moh who she says he has been there for her through thick and thin.

We at Moshenee thank God for healing Size 8 and may God continue to bless your family for opening up with your health life.

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