Tabitha Karanja, CEO Keroche Breweries Changes Name.

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CEO of Keroche Breweries Limited, will now be known as Tabitha Karanja Keroche, In a Gazette Notice dated on Friday, April 8, the business woman dropped her maiden name and adopted her company’s brand name, she has joined a list of politicians who have changed their names for easy identification by the electorate. The Keroche Breweries boss is eyeing the Nakuru senatorial seat on a UDA ticket in the August 9 General Election.

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Her new name was revealed via a Gazette Notice Number 4013 dated April 8, 2022

formally and absolutely renounced and abandoned the use of her former name Tabitha Mukami Mungai, and in lieu thereof assumed and adopted the name Tabitha Karanja Keroche, for all purposes and authorizes and requests all persons at all times to designate, describe and address her by her assumed name Tabitha Karanja Keroche only

The Notice Read

Article 53 (1a) of the Constitution of Kenya provides that every person has a right to a name and nationality at birth.

However, the need to change one’s name may arise out of diverse reasons, including anomalies in identification documents like ID card or Passport. In the event that does not apply, the law provides for one to change their name.


Any person can change their name at any time and for any reason, provided it is not to deceive or defraud or to avoid an obligation by either: adding a new name, removing an existing name, changing the order of names and attaining a completely different set of names.

The famous entrepreneur noted that she will push for the enactment of laws that would curb unfair business practices having been a victim over the years.

I have new business ideas which can spur this country ahead economically and when the time is right I will name my political vehicle

Karanja Stated

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