We Shall Hang The Corrupt Says Professor Wajackoya.

Presidential candidate Prof George Wajackoya says The rope that will be created from hemp will be used to hang the corrupt.

left: Justina Wamae with Prof. Wajackoya.

Roots Party presidential candidate Prof George Wajackoya and his Deputy Justine Wambui said legalizing marijuana and having a snake farm is one of their highest priorities for Kenyans.


Prof Wajackoya insisted that leaders are not cautious, they don’t protect their citizens from violence and they should mind their tongues not to spread hate.

In an interview with radio Jambo, he said that the Roots party will make sure they get land to grow marijuana.


“On the record Kenya has 3 million individuals who are mentally ill and Jamaica has none.

So if we legalize Kenya as a country will have no mental cases.”

Justine Wambui.

If you didn’t know animals or birds never eat cannabis so it’s a special plant.


The presidential candidate says that if elected he will allow everyone to smoke marijuana so that we can be free.

Free to plant cannabis in your own compound, smoke it till you open your own church since many pastors hate it and the community is yet to accept it.

Regarding land and settlements, Roots Party plans to give the youth 50,000 Acres of land to cultivate. 4000 youth members per 50,000 Acres which are about 200 Acres per youth.

China cultivated over 162 acres of land with cannabis and they earned about USD 1.2 billion.

So Wajackoya claims that Kenya will earn greatly with Cannabis farming.


“There are many ways we can gain with the growth of Hemp, we can create bricks, cosmetics, and also clothes.

The rope that will be created from hemp will be used to hang the corrupt.”

Prof. George Wajackoya.
Prof. George Wajackoya.

Roots party says that they’ll work with parliament to make sure that these laws are passed even if it’s bribing MPs from behind the toilet.


“We are also going to fix the issue of Helb, like to our police officers, constable and inspector are two different officers but they pay the same helb loan.

We will help differentiate the issue.”

Prof. George Wajackoya.

In our politics they like to abuse each other and incite youths who end up destroying property.


For Wajackoya he plans to give the youth marijuana which will bring peace since the plant is associated with peace.

He will also give women cannabis so that they can stop dancing around when there is election unlike Roots party people will be calm and meditating about the issues in hand.

Roots Party is all about peace they say but the only way they can deal with corruption is by hanging the convicted.


When they do that corruption will be out of bound nd don’t forget the professor says they will use rope made from Hemp.

There is a lot of plans and agendas Roots Party talked about in Radio Jambo we will update you when it all unfolds.

Professor Wajackoya is currently married to an American pilot. They are blessed with kids who have never set foot in Kenya but they are planning to.

His Deputy madam Justine Wambui is also married to roots party treasure and they also have kids.

They say they can change Kenya if they are allowed to do so on August 9.

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