Rwanda Supports M23 Rebels: Congo Warns.!!!


Recent reports from the governor of North Kivu suggest that the Rwanda armed forces are supporting M23 rebels.

M23 rebels passing while civilians are fleeing the area.

According to reports from Reuters, there was an attack on Sunday by the M23 rebel groups.


They attacked and tried to occupy Bunagana, a town at the border of Congo. 

Recent reports are emerging from Regional Authorities of Congo claiming that Rwanda soldiers supported the attack.

Rwanda has denied the allegation.

This comes after a series of disputes between the two countries.


The attack on Bunagana town was devastating as residents had to flee the conflict to neighboring countries like Uganda.

M23 fighters surrounded Bunagana town but the Congolese government retaliated from inside the town firing their position.

Bunagana is a very important town in eastern Congo, it is strategically located and key transit for goods at the Ugandan border.

United Nations Humanitarian Agency said over 20,000 people ran to Uganda and other countries.


The attacks happened in the early mornings, the rebels targeted Bunagana town and the nearest villages. 

M23 rebels firing rockets.


The office of the governor of North Kivu confirmed the attack and said that the M23 alongside Rwandan Soldiers did the damage.


More than 500 commandos entered congo while dressed as civilians which was a very big concern for DRC’s security.

Previously Congo came out accusing Rwanda of firing rockets that killed children.

The  Rwandan government could not comment on the allegation but it rebukes any involvement or working with the M23 rebels.

In the 1994 genocide, the ethnic Hutus were involved in the genocide but fled the country.


They are now the FDLR (Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda), in which Rwanda strongly claims that Congo is working with them.

The M23 rebels is partly Tutsi militia which consists of more than 120 armed individuals.

The office of the governor added that the goal of the rebels is to suffocate the city of Goma but also pressure the government.

Reports continue to emerge so will keep you informed.

Courtesy Reuters.

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