British Journalist Found Dead In Brazil.


Missing UK Journalist Remains Found In Brazil Amazon Rain Forest alongside his partner.

left: Dom Phillips. Right: Bruno Pereira.


British journalist Dom Phillips and Brazilian indigenous expert Bruno Pereira have been found dead.

A suspect came a confessed to killing the two in the Amazon rain forest according to Brazilian police.

It is over 10 days since the two went missing.

The suspect who is a fisherman confessed to the crime, and he led the policemen to the scene where the bodies were retrieved.


Before the incident, the local fisherman had an argument with Bruno an activist who fought against illegal fishing and other illegal activities in the area.

The disappearance of the two individuals raised the alarm at the international level which put a lot of pressure on President Jair Bolsonaro.

The British parliament felt the pressure too and started asking questions on a government level.


Dom Phillips was a freelancer journalist and Bruno was a former official, these two were on a mission.

They were doing research on a certain book.

Their mission took them deep into the border of Colombia and Peru a place called Javari Valley.

This place according to the police, is one of the main routes for drug traffickers, the place is crawling with poachers, illegal mining, and illegal fishing. 

Dom Phillips making a report about an indigenous tribe in the Amazon rainforest.


Javari valley has the biggest number of native people in the world and they consider it their home.

Police identified the suspect as a fisherman named Amarildo Costa alias “Pelado”.

His family when approached during the investigation denied involvement in the disappearing of the two.

Three people were arrested according to detective Eduardo Fontes.


The first suspect is a fisherman, the one who revealed the location of the remains while the second suspect was arrested because of the evidence found.

The third suspect is being investigated further and more arrest will be issued.

On June 5th, Phillip and Bruno went to Atalaia do Norte, a town near the river.

According to the witnesses, the three suspects were seen together moments after the journalist head to the river bank.

This was after Bruno Pereira reported that he is receiving a lot of threats from one of the suspects.

Protestors in the UK showing solidarity.

The Situation After!


After the two men disappeared there were slow investigations but soon people close to Phillip noticed he is missing.

Press advocates came forward together with human rights organizations to condemn the act urging the President to step up.

President Bolsonaro is no stranger to freelancer journalist Dom Phillips, they once met at a news conference where Phillips asked some serious question about the enviroment.

Phillips made a lot of enemies because he was reporting about Environmental degradation in the Amazon forest.

Brit government has been working closely with the Brazilian authorities since the disappearance of Phillips.

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