Marburg Disease Reported In Guinea.

  • Marburg disease is deadly, reports suggest it is similar to Ebola.
  • It is highly transmissible
  • It is the second case reported in west Africa.
doctors putting on gloves, surgery staff in background 


World health organization announced that two people in Ghana tested positive for the Marburg virus.

This virus is highly infectious and has similar symptoms to Ebola, which is deadly.

The lab test conducted has been sent to Senegal for further confirmation but the ones conducted in Ghana returned positive.

Symptoms of the Marburg virus include vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, and a lot of fever. If not treated one dies.


Residents of the Ashanti region who tested positive died as a result of the virus.

It is highly infectious so one has to protect themselves using personal protective equipment from any body fluids from the sick.

It was first reported in Guinea, WHO took the necessary measures to contain the disease on 16 September 2021 the ministry of health of Guinea declared the end of the Marburg virus.

If the test in Senegal returns positive it will be the second outbreak in west Africa.

A Yangoru Boiken bat catcher hangs 3 captured giant fruit bats in his hut after they were caught in his net in the jungle. The Yangoru Boiken tribe catch fruit bats by cutting large gaps in the rainforest along mountain ridges and setting huge nets across them to trap the animals as they fly at night. Location: The foot hills of Mount Turu, East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea.


MVD (Marburg virus disease) was first detected in 1967 in Germany and since then the fatality rate has risen from 24.5% to around 88% depending on the response to the disease according to WHO.

It is currently not known where MVD originates from but the recent cases from Uganda state that, two tourists came in contact with bat feces or aerosols which is the most common way of transmission.

The spread of the virus commonly happens to those in close environments and direct contacts mostly caregivers or in hospitals.


People may be at risk of transmission if get in contact with someone infected or touch bats or even eat them.

Historically people mostly infected with this disease are people who are close to the infected or hospital staff who have no protective gear.

Tourists visiting endemic regions in Africa who have contact with fruit bats should be careful when entering caves or mines inhabited by these bats.

West Africa, unknown person in downtown, Freetown, Africa


There is no specific treatment for the Marburg virus disease so it’s incurable.


Hospital therapy should be administered and carefully treat different diseases as they occur.

Preventing the disease is not well defined but one must not be in direct contact with someone infected or be in touch with fruit bats.

If one is suspected or confirmed to be infected one must wear masks protective gloves and gowns at all times.

If you want to know more about Marburg disease visit

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