Iran Is Already Supplying UAV Drones To Russia.

  • U.S intelligence reveals that Iran is ready to supply Russia with its first batch of UAVs.
  • This will help Russia advance deep into Ukrainian territory.
  • Experts say Moscow is doing this to add up on its lost artillery during the invasion.
Iran reveals a secret underground UAV base.

Joe Biden’s administration on Monday released a statement that Iran is secretly giving Russia military assistance to continue bombing Ukraine.

Iran will supply hundreds of drone aircraft, including models capable of firing missiles.

During a White House briefing, the National security advisor revealed that they are currently planning to deliver the UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles).


They will also train the Russian troops on using the weapons as soon as this month.

This move made by the Russians is to counter-attack, find and destroy western supplied weapons systems that have slowed the invasion.

Arcording to National security advisor Jake Sullivan, it is unclear if the drones are already delivered or not.

U.S intelligence confirms that the Iranian government is ready to provide over seven hundred UAVs.


A surveillance UAV can hover over a battlefield for hours targeting Ukrainian forces, and destroying tanks ad armored vehicles.

The invasion of Ukraine has lasted over four months and Russia has suffered heavy losses in their key weapons system so this is a boost they need.

Russia is trying to make a statement but is also showing the world that they are running out of weapons which is why they need help.

Iranian Authorities inspecting UAV drones.

This move will give Putin’s men more coverage to conduct more aerial attacks deeper into Ukraine territory.

Ukraine has a lot of UAVs and is also receiving artillery systems from the United States and they have successfully destroyed Russian tanks and armored carriers.

While Moscow is trying to replace its destroyed military hardware this move will be more devastating to Ukrainians.

The U.S has said it will continue to help Ukraine to defend itself from Russian attacks.


Iran is a significant manufacturer of UAV aircraft. Iranian authority freely shares UAV systems with militia groups.

These militia groups have attacked the U.S and allied military bases in the middle east as well as civilians working in oil refineries.

Moscow is a known key trading partner and military ally to Iran. This move to provide Russia with military equipment further undermines the efforts to revive the nuclear accord.

More to follow…

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